Cancer Coach Nurse

A NovaHope Cancer Coach Nurse is a Registered Nurse (RN) who holds the additional designation of a Canadian Certified Oncology Nurse with additional skills in health coaching, counselling, and supportive complementary techniques.

A NovaHope Cancer Coach Nurse will support you by providing:

Expertise in oncology (cancer) nursing

Nursing assessments and knowledge

Emotional guidance and support

Wellness-enhancing tools and techniques

A Personalized Cancer Support Action Plan

A practice that folds in the eight keys of health called the “Health Octave"

Your Personalized Cancer Support Action Plan will be a two-week projection of support and includes a list of recommendations to promote your health and wellness, regardless of where you are within the cancer experience.

What does a Cancer Coach Nurse session look like?

A session is:

In the office or online

90 minutes in length



At your own pace

“I need help to understand how to support myself through this cancer experience.”

Your 90-minute session has 3 main components:

Physical check-in

A physical check-in, including a comprehensive nursing assessment. The Cancer Coach Nurse will help you understand the wisdom of your own body, including the introduction to the self-body scan technique. This technique is modelled from the mindfulness-based stress reduction approach advocated by the research of the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, AB.

Psychosocial check-in

A psychosocial check-in, where we’ll discuss your current concerns and your feelings, including your practical and spiritual needs. We’ll also troubleshoot any cancer-related symptoms or treatment side-effects.

A Personalized Cancer Support Action Plan

A Personalized Cancer Support Action Plan created through collaboration with the Cancer Coach Nurse, focusing on a one- to two-week projection of care. Your Personalized Cancer Support Action Plan will address your current cancer-related concerns and needs. We will fold into your sessions the eight keys of health and wellness called the Health Octave and your relationship to each of them as we identify areas that may need additional attention or modifications. The Personalized Cancer Support Action Plan is forward thinking and will help you prepare for the next landmark on your journey, whether a visit to your oncologist or preparing for upcoming treatment. Together we’ll build your support action plan to meet your unique needs.

Psychosocial Oncology

What is Psychosocial Oncology?

Psychosocial oncology is a specialty in cancer care that focuses on understanding and treating the:






functional (practical) aspects of cancer, from prevention through bereavement

It is a whole-person approach to cancer care that addresses a range of very human needs. [1]

[1] Standards of Psychosocial Health Services for Persons with Cancer and their Families, approved May 28, 2010, © 2010 Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology

“I want a time and space with someone I can trust so I get this story out of my head.”

Fees & Coverage

Cancer Coach Nurse Session – $130

Please refer to the above statement regarding price changes during the COVID -19 pandemic restrictions.

The Cancer Coach Nurse sessions are a nursing service provided by an RN CON

Let us know if your medical insurance provider is not on our list: Canada Life, London Life, Great West Life, SunLife, Manual Life

The $130, Cancer Coach Nurse, 90-minute Session includes:

A Personalized Cancer Support Action Plan (two-week projection)

A two-week post visit check-in (10-minute phone call or email).

The upkeep of the Cancer Coach Nurse’s prep and post appointment time (approx.2hours).

Hello. My name is Hope, and I am here to help you.
It is my desire to help support you through your cancer experience. It is my honour to support your goals for optimal wellness, regardless of your diagnosis or prognosis.
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