Sleep – Nutrition – Exercise – Resilience Building – Practical Matters – Creativity – Spirituality & Intimate Relationships – Relaxation. 

When we compare our health to music, sometimes, we are singing out of tune. In exploring the chorus of the eight keys of health, it becomes clear, that when we open the door to participation that our sense of wellbeing considerably improves. The health octave is focused on supporting your optimal quality of life, regardless of diagnosis or prognosis. It will help center you when you feel off key and provides vitality when you tap into its resonating truths, especially during your toughest moments.

Professional guidance and your health engagement will become your noteworthy friends. As you expand your health knowledge and your devotion to self-care, you will start to witness the benefits of the Health Octave.

Each month this blog will be sharing evidence-based information that will no doubt strike a chord with you as you prepare for possible challenges ahead. We are here to help, so let get started.

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