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A cancer diagnosis can be scary, confusing, and overwhelming for you and your family. Whether you currently have or previously had a cancer diagnosis, we are here to help you.

The purple ribbon is representative of all cancers, cancer survivors, and their caregivers.

NovaHope Inc.

Health and Wellness Services Specializing in

Personalized Cancer Care Support.


At NovaHope, we help you and your family move forward beyond the cancer experience, into a place where you can feel more at ease.

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We offer professional cancer coaching through our

Cancer Coach Nurse Services.

NovaHope is pleased to share additional cancer support services,

through selectively chosen regulated professional health disciplines.

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A NovaHope Cancer Coach Nurse–RN CON (c) combines oncology (cancer) knowledge, health education, counselling and integrative support services to provide a whole health approach.

NovaHope’s weekly sessions both picked me up and, when necessary, settled me down. Hope has extensive knowledge and exceptional compassion. The sessions are blessed. NovaHope is blessed.”
~ Ian M., cancer survivor

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NovaHope is accessible via:

  • Two Annapolis Valley office locations.
  • Virtual @ our secured online Telehealth office.
  • House Calls (Annapolis & Kings County).

NovaHope is affordable via:

  • Medical Insurance plans covering nursing services. (Please check with us to see if we have your medical insurance provider on our list).
  • We sell gift certificates (to individuals or organizations who wish to sponsor a family member, a love one or a person in their community).
  • Income Tax deductible (check with your accountant to see if you are eligible to claim nursing services on your annual income tax).

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We are here to help you.

NovaHope models the bio-psychosocial approach, known as the relationship between the Body–Mind–Spirit and our social environment.

With our holistic delivery of care, you will experience:






Do you feel like a ship lost at sea? We want to hear your story. Wherever you are within the cancer experience, we will meet you there and help you move toward a place where you feel informed, supported and at ease. We want to equip you with emotional and mental resilience-building techniques that will help you meet the challenges you’ll face throughout your cancer experience.
Your state of health and wellness is a relationship between you and your healthcare opportunities. Healthcare opportunities can come in different forms. For example, spending time with a Cancer Coach Nurse is an opportunity to support a positive change in how you view, cope with, and engage in your health. Your health engagement is a significant determining factor in your state of wellness. We are happy to do our part and, if needed, to help teach you how to do yours. Your commitment to your health engagement is a key influence in making the changes you are seeking.
Making informed decisions means gathering evidence-based information and aligning your knowledge with your own values and belief systems. We can help provide health- and cancer-related information and bring clarity to the pieces of information you may be struggling to understand. The Cancer Coach Nurse has the valuable expertise and knowledge that an oncology nurse brings. We are here and welcome the opportunity to help support you. Knowledge is both your helm and your anchor.
Giving you space and time to cultivate empathy for others as well as for yourself has a profound impact on your health and the wellness of others. Elizabeth A. Segal, PhD, is a professor of Social Work at the University of Arizona. She puts it best when she states, “Empathy can promote good health, lower stress, and prevent burn-out.” Let us help you find ways to understand the complex impact that a cancer diagnosis has on you and your relationship with yourself, your family, and your friends. ~ It is the heart that is open that lets in the light.
We want to watch your confidence and independence grow. Our goal is to help you achieve your optimum health and wellness. We will help you build coping skills for the “everyday matters” that still need tending to, in sickness and in health. Your session with the Cancer Coach Nurse helps guide you to feel more at ease emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Specialized Oncology Nurse

The Specialized Oncology Nurse is one who has a combination of expanded education focused on cancer care and experience, such as two years in a setting where the primary focus is cancer care delivery. The Specialized Oncology Nurse might acquire specialty education through a variety of ways; for example, enrolment in an undergraduate nursing program, completion of an Oncology Certificate Program, distance specialty education (such as offered in Adult and Pediatric Oncology Nursing); or registration in and completion of the certification exam offered by the Canadian Nurses Association and attainment of the distinction CON(C).

The Specialized Oncology Nurse is one who works in a specialized inpatient setting, such as an oncology unit, or bone marrow transplant unit, or in an ambulatory setting where focused on the delivery of cancer care, or in a screening program, or in a supportive care setting, or community setting offering palliative care. There are many environments where the enhanced specialty knowledge and skill can be utilized to manage symptoms and side-effects of treatment, counsel patients in coping strategies, teach self-care behaviours, and monitor the responses to treatment and nursing interventions.

[1] https://www.cano-acio.ca/page/OncologyNursingRoles
2017 Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology ( CANO )

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Specializing in Personalized Cancer Care Support.

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